Friday, September 5, 2008

Poem by mufti Perlis

the much talked about poem from the mufti

translation in english by malaysiakini

"The first stanza of Mohd Asri's poem spoke of "the people's wealth being turned into stakes" between players of a game. And when the resulting hatred turned into flames, ‘all that is seditious will be swallowed (as the truth)', the poem went on to say.

In the third stanza, which created the most buzz, the mufti wrote: "When the country has come into disarray, it is better, Sir, for you to step down".

The religious scholar ended his poem with enigmatic words of advice that many believe were meant to focus on who the people should pick as a successor to Abdullah.

"Seek a successor who is of high character. Let not a robber replace a thief,"

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