Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brisbane Activities


If you would like to come and visit Brisbane, here are some ideas on activities i have done.


1. Kangaroo point 

Kangaroo point is a nice place to come and watch the beautiful river view, take some nice pictures, have a walk or a bicycle ride on the walking tracks if you don’t wish to do any intricate activities. At the base of kangaroo point is a place where you can select various sports that you wish to try as well as rent necessary equipments for your chosen activity. I tried rock climbing, a one hour lesson with a supervisor which includes safety instructions, harness, helmet, rock climbing chalks, rope etc. Its best if you can come with a partner to try this activity as you will need someone to do belay and doing it with a person you know would add fun into the activity. Do give them a call to reserve a place to try any of the sports offered. The website will answer questions that you may have.

There are other sports company that may offer you the same activities but with a different price. It’s good to Google around to find a company that will provide a great package. 

Rock Climbing:- aud29
Location:- At the base of kangaroo point
Website :-

2. Moreton island

There are many companies that provides a whole day activity at Moreton Island. Its better if you can google different companies that will suit your liking. There are a number of options you could choose from, one day, 2 days or 3 days adventure depending on your preferences.

Mine was a little expensive because it was in January which is a peak season. This package comes with sandboarding (the most important must try activity) snorkeling over at the ship wreck, lunch, relaxing at the fresh water lake (blue lagoon) and a tour around the island. 

The only unpleasant instance was our snorkeling activity, where the sea was evidently not very calm which made it a lot harder to snorkel. Adding to that, I got the wrong sized flipper which made my snorkeling trip a disaster. 

Tips:- preferbably if you love snorkeling bring your own flippers. For muslims or vegetarian inform them you would like halal meal or if they don’t provide halal meal ask them for vegetarian meal instead.
Price – aud150
Company – Goanna adventure

3. Rifle shooting

We tried rifle shooting first before clay shooting because we thought this would give us a beginner start holding a real gun and aiming. There are a variety of guns you could choose form, the first thing is preferably to talk to the person over at the counter on which gun would be best for your level, they will require one photo ID from you which can be your student ID, driving license, Identification card. Next you can choose a range of target that interests you. Finally someone will help you prepare for shooting and will give you some safety instructions. 

Telephone: - (07) 3398 1749
 Address : - 292 Mt Petrie Road 
Website: -

4. Shot gun – clay shooting

Shot gun was not as easy as riffle shooting as you are not aiming at a still target rather it’s a flying clay and adding to that, the gun is a lot heavier because you have to carry it and not placing it on the table as you do with riffles. You have to be alert when releasing the clay in the air and accurately shoot the flying target. When shooting, be wary where you place your gun because I had a slight bruise on my arm as I didn’t place it on where it should be. From what I can remember the cost is aud30 for a box of 25 bullets.

No experience is necessary if you would like to try. And the lovely thing is that the owner and its workers are really helpful. All four of us had one to one coaching.  

Address:- The Brisbane Gun Club
  Mt Petrie Rd. Belmont
  (07) 3398 4555 
Opening hours:- Thursdays & Saturdays 12 noon - 5pm 
New shooters catered for between 
12pm - 2pm or by prior arrangement.
Website :-


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