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Mount Kinabalu - Malaysia (Part 1 of 2)

My Mount Kinabalu climb

My desire to climb the tallest mountain in South East Asia for 4 years has proven to be a success. Throughout the years I have been receiving and reading stories of climbers sharing their experiences, some say it’s easy while others didn’t get enough luck. Regardless of what have been heard or read, to me it all depends on the weather conditions and your own determination and willingness to reach the peak.

The key is not to get discourage very easily, if you are not a professional climber, you may face difficulty in breathing on the second day of the climb but keep on thinking that you never know when you will do this again and you have gone this far so you don’t want to give up. Just Take it easy, and take your time your guide will wait for you.


My Training basically started somewhere in the end of February till end of March and it had to stop there because I had my wedding to concentrate on. Somewhere during those training period I went to Gunung Angsi with my partner as well as two of our great adventure friend Tamimi and Shifa.

I and my partner did some jogging around Taman Tun area (I would say more or less once a week). In addition to that I also went to the gym, at first it was 3 times a week and somehow towards the end it became once a week …. Yeah! I wasted my money but I did learn a lot (it’s in my gym for dummies entry).

February and March I went searching on the internet to get some insight on what is expected and these two blogs seems to have some worthwhile information.


Stuff you may need for the two day climb:-

Basically the stuff that you bring on your first day will be used on the second day too. Of course some can be left at Laban Rata while you do your 2nd day climb.

• Shoes
I bought a Hi-Tec shoe for the climb and tried it on when i did my training at Gunung Angsi. I found it comfortable so that shoe had my approval. My friend used a normal jogging shoe and that worked out well. I also brought my crocs which was useful since I needed a footwear i can use when taking my shower at Laban rata, well a sandal is another alternative

• Socks

• Raincoat
Those emergency ponchos is ok but it's better if you get one that wont get torn easily.

• Energy food
Chocolates would be good ( not ‘cloud 9’ because it will get very hard and you wont be able to chew it), nuts etc

• Drinks
A Liter of water of your choice (500ml 100 plus and 500ml mineral water). We brought 2 liters each and that was more than enough for 2 days, we even had to give our guide on the last day because we didn’t want to bring it down again.

• Hat masks
I would recommend a hat like that picture above, (worn by my friend). It was very windy during our climb and that hat mask will help to prevent the strong wind getting in your nose and mouth. I wish I had one.

• Torch
You will need a torch for your second day because you will start early in the morning, I would suggest you get a head torch which is more convenient than a hand torch. The reason is when you need to climb the rope, both hands can be used rather than using one hand to hold a torch and the other holding a rope. I used a hand torch but I think using a head torch would be better.

• Gloves
Get a proper snow gloves if you can, not those mittens because it can be really cold up there.

• Towel and toiletries
Remember to pack the usual when you got traveling. Toothbrush, soap, facial wash, toothpaste etc , an amount that can last for 2 days. Remember the lighter the better.

• Camera
Have extra protection, wrap it with plastic if you don’t have a waterproof camera just in case it rains really heavily.

• Clothing
I can’t stand cold temperature so I wore 4 layers of cloth underneath and one layer of snow jacket but my husband just had 2 layers of cloth and a snow jacket.

• Medication
I didn’t have to take any but bring some just in case like panadol, headache tablets, plasters if you get blisters, panadol, sun block if you are particular etc...

Getting Ready

Tamimi made the booking for us 3 month prior to the climb. Visit and call the general hotline at +60 88 318 888 for bookings. Once you have confirmed you will have to make your payments. If I’m not mistaken, we had to pay RM300 per person. I think different rate is applicable for non Malaysian residents.

For your additional information, It is better if you can book your accommodation at Laban Rata because of 2 reasons,

a) It’s heated so you don’t need to bring a sleeping bag for extra warmth
b) Food will be served at Laban Rata. Its very tiring if you stay at any other accommodation because you have to walk back and forth to Laban Rata to eat, although it may be a short distance but after walking for 6 hours straight, additional walk is just what you don’t need.

1. Laban Rata – Heated
2. Waras Hut – Non-heated
3. Gunting Lagadan – Non- heated

That's the trail you will have to take to reach 'Lows peak'

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