Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Zealand - North Island (Part3 of 4)

22nd nov – 11th dec 08

It has been ages since i last update my blog, let alone my travel experience to new zealand... so here goes the continuation of my beautiful new zeland experience.

Part 3 will be on Some Islands I visited in Auckland.


Waiheke offers 3 different tours where every tour package includes a return ferry travel and a Waiheke all day bus pass to explore the island at our own pace. All price quoted below includes the above package unless stated otherwise.

A ) The First tour package is called “Wine on Waiheke” NZ 115

Obviously this wasn’t my type of tour as I don’t drink wine. anyway, here is a short description of what this tour offers taken from the brochure:-

“ A vineyard tour that combines world class wine with the beautiful surroundings of Waiheke island. Enjoy premium wine tastings at 3 of the islands best vineyads”

The tour only without the return ferry transfer costs NZ85

B) The Second tour is called “Taste of waiheke” NZ105

hmmmm this was not for me either. its a tour of waiheke island and tastings at 3 vineyards and an olive grove, plus a light lunch

Just the tour without the return ferry transfer costs NZ75

c) And finally Goldilocks found a tour that is just right for her :) “Waiheke explorer tour”
NZ48 (adult)
NZ 24 (child)

This is a 1 1/2 tour of the island’s beautiful sights where i had the chance to stop over some beautiful spots around the island to snap photos. For wine lovers you should go to Waiheke Island, but if you had to choose between two islands and you are not into wine I would suggest for you t go to Devonport, it’s cheaper and the view of the Island is just awesome.

The only thing I love about Waiheke is that because the Ferry ride was 30mins, I had the chance to see spectacular view along the way which you wont be able to see if you go on a short ferry ride.

If you would just like to visit the island at your own leisure without tours return fares NZ32(adult) NZ16(child) NZ80(family)

Some additional information I would like to include:-

Separately all day buss pass costs NZ8, and just the tour without anything else costs NZ18

I took the fullers ferry service package together with bus tour, Personally I think its worthwhile to take the tour because the bus driver will give you some historical information of the island and that’s a great thing to know when you are on a visit.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that it’s a very-very beautiful island, however, the view along the way was just amazing.

Website: -


The first thought that came to me when I reached Devonport was the design of the buildings that looked very old fashioned , old fashioned in a nice way. It took us 10 minutes on the Ferry, snapped some pictures along the way and made a nice short hike to the summit. The sight is just stunning, I cant say more.

What to bring:- Hat, sunglass , drinking water, camera, some snacks to munch while
you sit,relax and enjoy the view.
Ferry Price: - NZ10 (adult)
NZ5 (child)

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