Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I Covered almost all the museums and the most interesting Museum of all is The Imperial War Museum

1. The Imperial War Museum,

It has every bit of information that you would like to know about ww1 and ww2. I would advice visitors to visit early in the morning because there is just so much to see and learn from here.

Open daily 10.00am - 6.00pm
Last admission 5.45pm
(closed 24, 25 and 26 December)
(Special exhibitions may charge an admission fee)

2.Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A is undoubtedly another great museum London has to offer, nevertheless i didn't spend much time touring this museum. I would say its more towards arts designs and sculptures which is not what i like.

3. Science Museum
If you plan to bring your kids somewhere in London I guarantee that kids will love the Science Museum. Again its free and its very informative and interactive for the kids as well as for the adults

4.The British Museum

This museum is wonderful, it has remarkable collections that spans over two million years of human history, the museum provides free museum tours that i would highly recommend the tour to everyone. Entrance is free and visitors would spent an entire day here.


5.The Royal Air Force Museum

My Husband loves planes and every part of it so this museum is a must. This museum is a little further away from central London thus my husband we took a tube to reach the museum. Im not into planes that much but I did find it rather interesting.

opening hours 10.00am to 1800 Monday to Sunday
entrance free, parking free
Grahame park way, Hendon, London , NW95LL

6. Sherlock Holmes Museum

For Sherlock Holmes fan this museum is a must... i didn't have time for this museum so this will be saved for my next visit to London whenever that is : ).

DO Bring your kids along to the parks as London has BEAUTIFUL parks

1. Regents Park
This park is nice during spring, nothing much to see during winter.


1.London's dungeons
Personally London's Dungeons is a perfect waste of money, I seriously thought it was as scary as how it was advertised but it turned out to be boring... I wouldn't suggest it to anyone but if you still would like to go, get your tickets online to get discounts.

2.London Tombs

Its a new scary attraction that i just came to know after i went for London's Dungeon. I didn't give it a try enter since i wasted money going to the prior

3. Madam Tusoude
I didn't plan on visiting Madam Tousoude because i don't find any excitement to see people in wax. To those who would like to go, dont forget to visit the website to get discounts.

4. London Zoo

There were not many animals in the zoo, I guess its unfair to keep the animals in small cages. Nevertheless, My nephew loved the animals.


5.Tower of London

(A picture outside the tower of London)
Entrance fee is 17.00pounds for adults and don't forget to join the free tour to know everything about the tower.

6.Tower Bridge

Many refer to this bridge as the London Bridge... but this is actually the tower bridge. Sorry i don't have a picture of London bridge but you can google and find out.

7.Big Ben

Big Ben is popular in London as it is the biggest four-faced, chiming clock in the world. Big Ben actually is a nick name of the main bell housed in the tower. whatever it is, Big Ben represents London like the twin towers represent Malaysia I would say .

8.Royal Albert Hall

This building is well known by Malaysians because in 1995, a famous Malaysian singer performed in this very hall.I didn't get a chance to enter thus a picture with this beautiful building is a must.

9.London eye

I can't share my experience on this because i didn't get on it..... maybe on my next visit i will

10. Buckingham palace

For first timers to London this is a popular attraction. Of course if you have been to London many times why would you come to buckingham palace again and again. The Changing the Guard ceremony takes place in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace at 11.30 every day in summer, every other day in winter.The Guards actually arrive at 11.15am with music so its best if you could make it by then to get the best out of the whole ceremony.


1.39 steps

(This picture is at Piccadilly circus with 39 steps theater in the background)
39 steps has only four actors playing a minimum of 139 role so it is very impressive. If you love humor like my sister and dad than this will be spot on for you , as for me ... its not my cup of tea :).
I got a cheap ticket when i purchased it at some booth (sorry i cant remember) .I paid 25.00pounds for a 45pound value ticket.

2.The lion king

The Lion King IS THE BEST, love the actors, love the costumes, stunning effects, enchanting music and glorious colors filled the theater. Basically I loved everything about it. Im sure everyone is aware of the story of simba, his journey from a cub to become king

Tickets are cheaper to purchase from lion king theater (Lyceum theater) as you don't need to pay any booking fee. Mind you that this theater is always a full house. i was seated at the grand circle, wasn't bad if you have your own binoculars bring it or you can choose to rent one for 1 pound. you can bring some drinks and snacks to munch during the interval.

I found this website helpful to get most of what you want from London, from attractions to shopping places to food



jon said...

It's a shame you didn't go to the Tombs because of your awful time on the Dungeons. As a scare attraction, the London Tombs rock!

Maya said...
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Maya said...

Thanks Jon...London Tombs will be on my 'to visit ' list the next time im in London. : )

joll said...

Wow you are such a brave person, my eyes got wet reading ur story, i really am happy that you accepted this......

Be well :)