Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'Pregnant Man' gives birth

I get really annoyed whenever I come across this news on the internet. I can’t understand why some people are making a big fuss on this ‘lady’ being pregnant. If ‘she’ was born a female, of course ‘she’ is able to get pregnant. Why are you calling ‘her’ the first man to give birth. Get a real man and show how you can manipulate god’s creation and make him pregnant. I find it funny how people play with words and just because she decides to grow a beard and moustache that doesn’t make her a man, she may look like one, but she is not one. 

People are trying to make man and woman equal in everything where in actual fact without going in much detail nature has set a clear standard in defining man and woman. Both are a part of a system just like the sun and the moon, according to their nature shall move in their orbits to carry out their divine duties. Women can bare a child while man cant and both creation of Allah have been created and have their own specific purposes. They are both an integral part of the system to be respected and honored.

so why ask to be a man when you are infact a woman.

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