Thursday, February 5, 2009


A few days ago I went with my friend to search for a digital camera, canon PowerShot G10 to be exact. This camera hunting is only a comparison between these two stores :-

1st :- One Utama shopping center new wing (canon shop)
2nd :- Pertama Complex Camera store – ground floor

Our first store in One Utama for the camera, table tripod, battery, charger and a 4 gig memory stick costs RM 1830 as of February 2009 and RM 750 for the underwater casing…….. like what every salesperson would say “This is a special price”

On top of that special price, we went to Pertama complex in Kuala Lumpur to find not a special rice but extraordinary price for the camera. At first this shop gave us a slightly higher price of RM1850, and RM800 for the underwater casing. we told her that we have no intention of buying it now but was just curious on the price she could offer. having done our survey of the price in one utama we mentioned that the store at one utama gave us a better deal and because of that , this lady started to reduce the price…

even with the price reduction we were not that happy and give her this "dont think i want to purchase this camera look" . with her given price and our budget we sat there thinking ........ looking at us that we were not that eager to buy with her reduced price , she reduced it to RM1700 for the camera inclusive of the camera casing, battery, battery charger , 8gig memory stick and RM700 for the underwater casing.

she then pushed us to buy a screen protector which we ended up buying for RM25 and an additional battery which original cost was RM199 but we ended up paying RM75.

All and all we went back paying RM2500 for the camera, camera casing, battery and battery charger, 8 gig memory stick, screen protector and an additional battery.

I personally think it’s a good buy, maybe to those who have an exceptional bargaining skill you would get it at a better discounted price.

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