Sunday, September 6, 2009


sometimes you just need to think of yourself because when you keep thinking of doing things for someone else you tend to suffer

sometimes you get stressed out when things are not going your way

sometimes you need to spend quality time with the person close to you

sometimes you need to find someone else that understands you better

sometimes you feel like telling the whole world your problems so that they can help

sometimes you are just not ready to deal with changes in your life, you are not ready to be a different person

sometimes you think you are doing everything right and everyone else is doing it wrong

sometimes you cant think for yourself and you cant make wise decisions

sometimes you think you have made the worst decision ever in your life and you wonder if that mistake can actually end up being a great experience in the future

sometimes you just need to get away and calm yourself

sometimes everything just doesn't seem right and writing this releases half the burden. ahhhhhhh that feels much better : ).

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