Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brisbane’s Secrets revealed

1) Fuel price and fuel discounts

Fuel price in Brisbane fluctuates on a daily basis. What’s important is that generally fuel price tends to be cheaper on Wednesdays than any other day of the week. In addition, by purchasing AUD30 or more in a single receipt you will get a ‘Fuel discount docket’ that can be used through out the week including on Wednesday. With the docket, you are entitled to receive a discount of 4 cents per liter on fuel which is better than no discount at all.

Buying at Woolworth – Discounted docket is for Caltex petrol Station
Buying at Coles – Discounted docket is for shell petrol station

2) Receipts

At the back of your receipt you might get food discounts, bowling discounts, theme park discounts etc. So when you purchase something get your receipt, flip it and have a look if the discount is anything that you need. Sometimes the bus ticket has discounts for white water world and dream world

3) Mega sale

June is a great time to visit Brisbane if you like shopping... every store is on sale everywhere you go especially towards the end of June... you wont regret : ).

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