Saturday, October 31, 2009

Getting older and wiser

And so it is! Today is my Birthday....Well, never really celebrated Birthdays but at least I get the chance to blog about something. So on this day what is special?? I do as a woman have moments where I reflect on how many many years back my dear ummi without epidural with all her might delivered me to this world and had her fair share of sleepless nights. So why am I just celebrating myself when I should celebrate my mom as well. So my dear Ummi this day is for you too but You are still in the land down under while im here in Malaysia : ).

I guess I should also reflect on what I have done since the last 31st of October till this very day and like every normal human being I should reflect on my goals. Have I achieved any?? Have I become a better person?? What have I done this whole year? Well questions can keep coming and coming. As for now the 1st of November is my very own New Year, not the 1st of January like everyone else.

With my new life, new goals have been written down and we shall see what the next 31st of October brings : D …. A better person always hopefully.
Anyhow, with birthdays come cakes, presents and warm wishes…. Thank you for your warm wishes , presents and cake Mr Husband, family and friends.

today tak bawak camera so tak ada lah gambar birthday cake and also the whole birthday scenario of me going out to Putrajaya with my family makan all you can eat dim sum... around RM50 per adult all you can eat sounds like a good bargain... anyhow another year and another day has passed... looking back now...gosh how time flies!

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sera_a said...

happy birthday again!

well, mana good bargain for dim sum in putrajaya ni? i yg duk putajaya x penah dgr, duk terhegeh2 cari kat kl. huahuahua!