Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Early delivery

After over a month of silence, I have decided to write a little something

Almost two weeks ago I was 9 weeks pregnant.... at 8 weeks pregnant I went for my usual checkup and after the usual scan I was informed that the fetus has no heartbeat thus to be absolutely certain that my baby is in other words not alive , my Doctor made another appointment to see him the following week.

After a crucial week of waiting and being pregnant for 9 weeks, the scan still showed a fetus without a heartbeat, plus to be absolutely sure that this fetus is dead the scan also showed that the fetus has not grown over my last visit. With that result I had to set a date to do a D&C.

Since none in my family members have undergone such ordeal, I wasn't sure if I should do a D&C or wait for my body to experience a natural miscarriage. Given 2 days to think, I went on the internet to look for information and did some consultation with other Doctors on to why this happen and if I should proceed with D&C.

From what I found out on why this happen, the Doctor said its common to miscarry for the first time , but if you miscarry twice in a row than a thorough checkup on your body will be done to detect any problem. In addition, it is advisable that pregnant woman to not go near cats or cat feces as a disease called toxoplasmosis which is transferred mainly from cats and is very dangerous to pregnant woman.

On if I should have a natural miscarriage or to do a D&C

1) Natural miscarriage

As told by the Doctor, If I would like to have a natural miscarriage I would face 2 consequences, either I would get an infection first then a miscarriage or I will have a miscarriage first and if my body does not pass out everything or what they might call a partial miscarriage, I will end up having to do a D&C anyway and sometimes because the fetus is in your body for a long period of time you are susceptible to infection.

2) To do a D&C (Dilation and Curettage)

Basically this operation will take 10 - 15 minutes not including the time you will wake up after given anesthetic. The gynecologist emptied my uterus before which I was given a general anesthetic by an anesthetist and woke up some 40 minutes after the operation knowing everything was done. Before going in the operating room I was very scared not knowing what to expect but after everything was done Alhamdulillah (all praise and thanks to Allah) everything was ok. After such operation the doctor will explain to you the Do's and Don’ts for the following week.

It is also important to know that there are some possible risks when choosing to do the D&C. It can damage the cervix during dilation or it might give a scar to your uterus during procedure. If whenever you get a scar on your hand and it ends up getting puffed up or really bad than the Doctor said its better not to go on with D&C.

It is important that you find out everything you can about natural miscarriage and D&C if you have to. I do prefer to have a natural miscarriage but because I have waited a certain period of time and it still hasn’t happened, I decided to go on with D&C.

I do feel sad, frightened and worried that this might happen again but there is nothing much I can do. Everything happens for a reason, and there are just things that you do the best that you can, pray for the best, hope for the best and let everything else in the hands of God.

Im happy knowing im blessed with a great husband who has given me support throughout this marriage and this misfortune…. I Love you so much and I pray and hope our happiness will last ... My family, his family and my friends giving me encouragement and helping me to go through this few weeks of what I can call an early confinement for me. Thank you all!!


saly said...

maya.......actually i was feeling sumthing wrong last few weeks but afraid to ask u. i just dun know why lately i have strong instinct about everything.

apa2 pun, be strong ok, everything will be fine, if u need to talk, just call, ym or fbchat me.

sera_a said...

i'm sorry to hear your loss. many will come, insya Allah. let's hope for the best, including me...

Maya said...

saly:- hope everything is going great your way.. take care !!

Sera:- Insyallah... i believe what happened, happened for a reason. truthfully im calm about what has happened and i pray insyallah everyone will get whats best for them. but when you have people around you saying this and that...that's when turbulence sets in if you know what i mean : )...