Monday, February 4, 2013

11, 12 and 13 weeks

At 11+ weeks - I didn't feel pregnant at all, no nausea, no sleepless night, a wonderful appetite hmmm sounds like im having some problem because there is NO problem ( haha yeah my state of worry when im pregnant is ridiculous) so i had to ask Mr Husband if we should go for another scan this week (just had my scan a few days ago at week 11 and my next scan is in another 3 weeks). so we both talked about it and though, "Now, what if baby's heart stop beating, there is nothing we can do as we believe we did our best all this while"

At 12 & 13+ weeks - started to feel nausea again at night (i don't  have morning sickness but i do have night sickness) thus its starting to kick in...

Now just 3 days passed my scan (had to do it early for some logistic reason) and im already 14+ weeks while i was having my afternoon nap, i woke up with an insect bite on my leg which gave me bruises but no itchiness. So there you go, my ridiculousness starts to kick in again, and im worried if this bite will affect my precious one inside : ) (yes ridiculous). The thing is I have no idea what insect bit me so this thought of going to the doctor and have it checked etc etc  gave Mr husband a smile and he said, 'baby is gonna be alright'....I guess that is all I needed to hear heheh... well lets just hope he is right.


lela nasir said...

salam maya..dont worry too much lah..believe in HIM..heheh..u memang wierd habis!! you have my doa insya Allah :) *hugs hugs*

-dang lela

Maya said...

hahha lela... thanks : )

A D.O.U.B.L.E P T.O T.H.E L E said...

Hey there... Hope that you're in the best of health... Take care, aite?... ;)

Much <3 ,

- Apple Ai -

Maya said...

Hey apple :)

Thanks... I hope so too : )

Nabila Huda said...

I'm happy to know that kak Maya is pregnant again. Everything's gonna be alright. Have faith in Allah :)