Monday, October 22, 2012

Many months later

I have this urge to keep myself updated thus i shall have to update my blog. Im now 9 weeks pregnant... Alhamdulillah, Doctor said its best to wait for a year after my cesarean to try again but we decided to just give it a try early since the last time we had to wait many months for it to happen.. Alhamdulillah i got pregnant straight away : )

I am still open to anything that might happen along the way or after delivery, of course to always PREPARE FOR THE WORST BUT HOPE FOR THE BEST... At 5weeks plus i had some bleeding, not a tiny dot but bleeding so i thought that was the end of this pregnancy this time around, Alhamdulillah went to the doctor the next day, he did an abdominal scan and there i could see little baby's heart beating : ).
                                              (this picture has nothing to do with this post)

 had a follow up check a week after and little baby's heart is still beating.... my doctor gave me duphaston and folic acid till i meet him again in 3 weeks... although im a little calm this time around on what will happen but still im hopping for the best (in my eyes) that nothing bad will happen and 3 weeks seems like an eternity, counting down to 2 more weeks now.

So some say i should not announce this pregnancy at this early stage in case anything happen but from my last experience, it does not matter when you announce it, if something is bound to happen it will happen. If you are comfortable announcing it at an early stage do so, don't worry.


Anonymous said...

The point of announcing early is so that others can pray for you and the baby - and here I am praying for you to have a healthy preganncy & delivery inshaAllah!

Take care!

Maya said...

thank you Afni... : ))