Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My crying baby won't sleep

And so one month has passed, and suddenly baby S does not want to sleep, the moment i lay her down, she starts screaming so i had to Google 'understanding babies cries' : ).... yes that was how desperate i got and i found this on YouTube which is very helpful. I dont really understand the cries like Priscilla Dunstan does but it gave me an idea that her crying was because of gas.

She actually has her DVD on youtube if you can search 'Baby language lesson 1 part 1'

Anyway, The lactation consultant at the hospital told me that if i breastfeed my baby, i don't need to burp her, but i guess my milk supply was overwhelming that sometimes she swallows the milk with big gulps which i would think she is swallowing air. So now I burped her after every meal and i also Googled on baby tummy massage and that was helpful too. After two days of gassy stomach she actually slept really well. So here i'll include the video which i found helpful

there is heaps on youtube on how to massage babies tummy. 

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