Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Syifaa's monthly update

So this monthly update is just for me to review and remember Syifaa.

3 months
she could already lift her head up and i got really excited ahahah, Syifaa on the other hand didn't show any excitement...oh well.. In general she is such an easy baby, she normally wakes up happy, smiling and she rarely cries and If she does cry the only possible reason could be that she has not been sleeping well.

Thats a picture of my baby girl on her first day of lifting her head up high : )

Milk supply went down sometime around 3 months++, ill write on another post on my milk supply next time.

4 months
Syifaa's weight is 7.6kg, she could turn and has been drinking a lot more now. Sleep wise she has been sleeping at 12midnight most of the time sometimes at 10 or 11 at night and will wake up at 10 in the morning, roughly  In between she has about 2 feedings. In total daily she gets about 14 hours of sleep which is not enough for her age.

Her nap time varies, sometimes its just 20 minutes sometimes its 2 hours

At 4 months she should be getting around 15 hours, so im working on a sleep routine for her and i really do hope it works. My friend suggested a book and ill write a review of the book next time when this sleep issue has resolved.

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