Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Milk Supply

When Syifaa was 3 months++ my milk supply went really low, that one night she was just unsatisfied so i took some EBM from the freezer but baby girl refuses the bottle i had at home which led me to plan B and called my sister for help. She brought different teats that she thought my baby would be ok with but still baby girl refuses milk form the bottle 

which in the end led us to plan C , since my  nephew who was 1yr 10mnth at that time was still being breastfeed, Syifaa had a share of the milk. she actually drank for a few minutes and had a good sleep

So i searched online and found out this website really helpful

Now my supply has been good and i hope it stays that way till baby girl is 2yrs old. Basically what i did was :

1) Drank warm water about 3L a day
Minum air banyak akan increase milk supply tapi warm water, bukan room temperature tapi warm. Sebelum ni susu banyak so i ingat alah sehari dua tak minum banyak tak apa... but NO air memang sangat penting untuk banyakkan susu.

2) Drank warm milk and ate oats in the morning
Untuk yang tak allergic susu, minumlah susu and makan oats, it helped me. 

3) Frequent pumping
Sebelum ni ada pump sikit sebab tu ada stock EBM, lepas tu ingat tak payah lah sebab milk selalu ada. tapi pump tu sangat penting untuk tambah susu. The idea is i quote from kellymom.com is "To speed milk production and increase overall milk supply, the key is to remove more milk from the breast and to do this frequently, so that less milk accumulates in the breast between feedings"

lepas baby habis minum i would pump one breast, walaupun susu tak keluar tapi i pump additional 3-5 minutes. The key to remember is bila breast empty dia akan produce more milk. 

4) Eat dates 
I makan kurma, tak sure ini membantu tak tapi alhamdulillah milk increase. sampai sekarang i makan kurma selang sehari. 

5) Think positive, dont stress and have enough rest
Memang masa susu sikit stress sangat , rumah bersepah rehat tak cukup sebab baby girl susah nak tido masa tu. Jadi agak penat lah.

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