Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Family holiday to Port dickson

Our first family trip was to Port dickson to give Syifaa her first sand experience and thankfully she loved it. 

we stayed at the water chalet in Avillion Port Dickson, our second time here but first time with Syifaa. Its a beautiful place with its own private beach and heaps of activities , peacocks roaming around freely an amazing SPA that i have yet to try. Do have a look at their website 

one thing that was unexpected was that the next morning i discovered 10 mosquito bites on Syifaa      : (.. I didn't know getting the water chalet near the beach would result to this.... oh well a lesson it is.

I would come here again when Syifaa is a little older to enjoy the activities.


A D.O.U.B.L.E P T.O T.H.E L E said...

Maya kurus banyak! Cisss!... Hahahaha... ;)

Maya said...