Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Activities 8 month old

These are some of the activities to keep Syifaa occupied throughout the day. 
Foam blocks- she loves me building it and she destroying it : )

Cotton wool - I made small balls to practice her fine motor skills. it keeps her occupied for 10 minutes.

Bottles - These are her favourites. i use it almost everywhere, in her tub, bring it out everywhere i go since its small and fits easily in my bag. 1 with buttons and the other with beads. you can hot glue the top so it doesn't come off. 

Scarf - She loves playing peekaboo with this

Stairs - Her current obsession is to climb the stairs way up to the top : /
Water play- just made this today since the weather was so nice. I added in the small balls in the water again to practice her fine motor skills 

Baloon chase - Been playing this for 4 days in a row and she still loves it

Currently her favourite books

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