Friday, June 13, 2014

Syifaa is ONE

This post is almost a month overdue but I'm still going to write something

My girl is a big ONE

Alhamdulillah you have grown into a big healthy girl now Syifaa, when you were 11 months going to be 12 months these are among the things that you like to do

This is you the day you turned 12 months, taken during our daily morning walk
Usually in the morning after your walk Ibu would let you play with the grass, walk on the pavement barefooted and collect come flowers in front of the house, and you just can't get enough of it.

On our morning walks we would stop and collect flowers , look at birds, dogs and cars.

And this flower

Also this is your favourite tree as the leaves dangle and you can reach and shake the leaves. Its our pitstop if we pass by this house.

In the evenings we have a trip to the park, depending on the time and weather, last month (when you were 10 months) you were scared of the swing, when you were 11 months up till today almost 13 months , you don't want to get off haha

When we are at home you just love playing peekaboo... You never get bored hiding behind everything, the curtain, scarves, sometimes even using your hands to cover your face : )

Basically you eat everything, here is a picture of you eating dragon fruit, when you were 11 months i don't really give you that much to eat for breakfast...I would give you on different days yoghurt / fruits/ pancake/ eggs. For lunch just porridge with chicken/beef/fish and veggies. 

You ate so much till suddenly when you turned 12 months and a week you just didn't want porridge no more : )... Ibu day lah tak panda masak ahahha ... anyway I'm working on it .

Ibu was cleaning the cupboard and found this, a dress i made when i was pregnant to you : )

This was previously where your clothes are kept and the mess you like to make everyday , so ibu and ayah decided to get a new drawer and we let you make a mess somewhere else.

When you almost reached 12 months you could master the skill of putting balls in the hole. You could walk with support, ibu has to hold your hands everywhere you go at that time.You have 2 bottom teeth and 4 teeth at the top, 2 of which is only half way out. 

This picture was taken a week before you turned one on 15/5 , nope you didn't have a bite of the cake you were eating some snacks i brought. 

It is true that not a day has gone i am grateful i have you and to have waited this long is a blessing.  If it wasn't for the challenges i had before this I don't think i will be this patient, this grateful, this happy. May you grow each year doing the things that you like, being a wonderful muslim. 

Love you baby girl 
Ibu & Ayah

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A D.O.U.B.L.E P T.O T.H.E L E said...

And today (June 15th, 2014), Syifaa is already ONE year + ONE month old... Happy belated FIRST birthday, cutie baby!... Aunty wish your birthday terlewat satu bulan lah, sayang - so sorry... ;)

-Apple Ai-