Sunday, April 20, 2014

Syifaa at 11 months and tanah aina

My dear baby girl, 

This is a picture of you on the day you turned 11 months, you are afraid of that toy crab but you still love playing with it.

you love holding things and both hands must be occupied, here is your first scribbly art : )

This is your new favourite toy, you love the elephant when it pops, you would close it back and pop it  again. I left this in the car because whenever you cry when you are in your car seat, this would make you happy.

Sometime last month you could stand unassisted, about 3 seconds , and that got me all excited :D

we gave you a hand me down toy from Rafa and Gaza, and you have been practicing to walk everyday using this.

Ibu and Ayah bought you many books, and some hand me downs from Rafa and Gaza of course, you love reading and you love taking them down the shelf too

When ibu is in the kitchen, and ibu has to clean the dishes, these are among the things that i would let you play with including the pots and pans : ). by far tissues and magnets never failed. 

Just a day before you turned 11 months, we stayed a night at Tanah Aina in bentong, you loved everything including the jungle tracking where ayah carried you all the way through, and also the river we swam in. You are really our little explorer : )

Lots of love,
Ibu and Ayah

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