Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Indian Visa

Yesterday i went to the straits building to pick up my Indian visa as well as husbands.

apparently the Governement of India has decided to ask visitors to apply for a visa when entering their country. This visiting visa lasts for 6 months with a 2 month gap after each visit, with this I do think I wont be visiting India again anytime soon unless its due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Anyway, the first thing that made this such a hassle is when I tried to call the visa center to ask for information and the line was always busy... penat tau nak call again and again. Dah dapat, nak pergi building ni tak ada parking yang dekat lah pulak so we ended up parking kat Central market yang charge RM2.50 for the first hour and RM2.00 every subsequent hour.

We went on Monday and the visa can be collected on Tuesday in the afternoon from 4.30- 5.30. So hari selasa sampai lah at 4.30 sebab husband needs his passport since he has work on Wednesday morning. Sampai at 4.30 dia kata tunggu at 5.30... dah sampai 5.30pm passport still tak sampai lagi and orang dah ramai beratur.

Last-last passport sampai at 6.15 hmmmm dah sampai I checked my name dia salah print pulak and so I had to return my passport to them to make amendments and dorang suruh datang again today at around 6pm... tapi I decided to go tomorrow morning sebab jalan kat KL in sangat jam and I dont want to be stuck there.

Hopefully esok everything will be ok.

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Apple said...

OH-Kay...Saya tak suka perkara macam ini berlaku dekat saya, k?...sangat menyampah - dan boleh mengundang kepada kurangnya kesabaran juga iman saya...terima kasih... =O