Saturday, January 2, 2010

New delhi --- INDIA

This month im planning to visit India, thought of doing a massive shopping spree in Delhi. as for now planning is on the way

1) Tickets - Purchased

2) Accommodation - still searching, i don't need a 5 star hotel just one comfortable enough to stay for 5 days

3) Tour Guide - I hope someone can help me with this... im still searching for someone reliable

4) Places of interest - Im doing a Google search, hope that a tour guide will help me with the whole things to do in addition to what i have


Anonymous said...

salam sis..
few tips for u....
1- make sure minum mineral water only..
2- jgn terpedaya dgn penyagak and kanak2 jalan yg dok minta duit..coz dorg semua tu under illegal association
3- kalu nk shopping byk sebenarnya tempat yg murah n quality and most of the time tour guide will bring u to the most expensive shop..sedangkan u can get them with low price..(make sure tell ur tour guide beforehand)
4- take care of ur belongings.
5- kat sini if u give money to one penyangak within 5min byk penyangak yg akan serbu kita..especially children..
6- kat sini byk giler pondan2 jalanan pakai sari..mostly dia target man la..minta duit..
tu je la kot...enjoy ur vacation..kain cotton yg best and cantik2..i love them..

Anonymous said...

u can check

Maya said...

thank you anonymous : )

do you think you can suggest a place to stay and a tour guide?

and that is a great website thanks for sharing.

Silvia Martin said...

That’s good news.
So you are planning to visit India. Seems, you have already booked your flights to India.
Well, accommodation is not a problem in India; you can easily get a budget accommodation in that country.
What will be your entry point in this country?