Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School Holiday activities for my nephews and nieces

Elephant sanctuary in Temerloh , pahang ( 1 hour 20mins drive from KL ).

As was written down on the phamplet, Kuala gandah elephant sanctuary is the base for the elephant relocation team to help locate, subdue and translocate elephants from areas where their habitats were used for plantations or human development.

These elephants who have lost their habitat are moved to other suitable habitats such as taman negara and kuala gandah itself. As areas for their habitat shrinks its hard for them to look for food, as a result these elephants will look for food in converted forests areas such as plantations where they raid crops. To prevent them from being shot by farmers when they 'invade' the land the team at kuala gandah will move them to other suitable habitats

You take their habitat away from them and you kill them when they enter? shesh!

the kids and the adults were all hungry and we cant wait for our packed lunch from home. We found a suitable picninc area, spread our mat and enjoyed our lunch.

with our full belly we are now ready to explore. Our first stop was the video presentation which gives you an idea about this translocation process and some basic idea about elephants . I would suggest anyone who comes to this sanctuary to have sometime to watch this.

While waiting for the video to start

Next we were allowed to get up close and personal with the elephants to pet and feed them during their lunch time. The kids loved this. meanwhile, riding the elephant activity is also available. Mind you, the activities and entrance are limited to 120 person per day thus please make a booking a few days before your intended visit. Bathing the elephant commences right after every everyone's done with the riding and this is straight to the river.

Overall, this sanctuary was great, the kids got to learn a lot about elephants. we asked them to explain the elephants skin, what it uses its trunk for, what they eat etc.

One of the thing that concerned me is seeing elephants chewing on sugar cane without any juice left. im not sure about an elephant's diet so that's just my tiny concern. its was also sad to see them all chained up but i guess its for safety reasons.

Another part which im concerned about and which i realized after watching the whole falling down episode from our video camera is on them using a hook on the elephant's ear to pull the elephant down so those riding the elephant will fall in the water. I know elephants have thick skin but im not sure if that hook on the ear will actually hurt the elephant. I mean, if that hurts you can just remove bathing with the elephant in the activities because seeing the elephant up close is just great by it self.

Entrance fee:- Free but it would be very much appreciated if you would contribute
Activities :- 1.30 pm there is a video show on how these animals were brought here
:- 2.30 pm Fedding the elephant, ride on the elephant and bathing with the elephant
Things to bring :- Food for lunch , spare clothes, towel, soap (if you choose to get wet)
Website: -
Number to call for reservation:- 09-2790391

Additional information

About 5km before reaching the elephant sanctuary is a Deerland where I was told the deers has a big space for them to roam around freely. I didn't get the chance to stop over the deerland but many said its worth a visit.

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