Monday, March 17, 2014

10 month old Syifaa

Baby girl,

It won't be long till i have to stop addressing you as my baby girl , soon you will be in school, in uni, going to work, getting married and you will be my big girl. Today you are 10 months old, i figured i would like to keep you updated on what you have been doing this past month.

We brought you swimming again in the pool and your first time wearing this neck flotie which you enjoyed.

At 9 months, you have mastered drinking on your own..

Somehow you started to refuse eating, you don't even want ibu to spoon feed you, so i tried letting you be in control of what you eat, not giving you pureed food no more and also added more flavour to your food (homemade chicken stock for cooking rice).. and amazingly your appetite came back.

You dislike touching any sticky food, thus there you are eating with no hands ... oh my baby girl , the things you do : )

We went to aunty effa's wedding, that was your first 

Ayah bought this bicycle seat and every time we went out of the house, you see ayah going on the bike you would lough and get all excited.

at 9 months you already have 4 teeth, and another 2 coming out soon. you have been biting your cot a lot now. 

Here are some of the things you love doing.......

You love crawling under everything, the chair, the slide ...

You love playing with water, you love tearing up tissues to pieces :)

You now understand if i say clap, fan, light. butterfly, bird , heart, bicycle, slide and rocking horse

I love listening to your laughter, and looking at your smile... I Hope you will always give me that smile and those laughter, and that you will always fill this house with happiness and joy :') .. i love you my baby girl. 

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